Kirwan, QLD, Australia

Decode Designs partnered with Anzu Cleaning Services to enhance their online presence through a comprehensive project involving website design, logo creation, and GMB (Google My Business) marketing.

Introduction to the Business

Anzu Cleaning Services, located in Townsville, Australia, is dedicated to providing affordable and satisfying cleaning services in Townsville and its surrounding suburbs, including Railway Estates, South Townsville, and Northward. They offer a wide range of services, including Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Bond Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, and Domestic Cleaning.

Services Rendered :
  • Website Design: Created a visually appealing website for Anzu Cleaning Services, emphasizing affordability and satisfaction in cleaning services for residents and businesses in Townsville and surrounding suburbs.
  • Logo Design: Crafted a distinctive logo for Anzu Cleaning Services that captures the essence of their commitment to affordable and satisfying cleaning solutions in Townsville.
  • GMB (Google My Business) Marketing: Implemented strategic GMB marketing for Anzu Cleaning Services to enhance online visibility and attract local residents and businesses seeking cleaning services in Townsville and its surrounding areas.
Strategic Approach :

Decode Designs strategically approached the project by creating a website that effectively communicates the variety of cleaning services offered by Anzu Cleaning Services. The logo design complements the brand image, and GMB marketing strategies were implemented to enhance local visibility.

Encountered Challenges :

Effectively communicating the range of services and coverage area while maintaining a clean and user-friendly website design posed an initial challenge.

Implemented Solutions :

Decode Designs addressed this challenge by designing a website that clearly outlines the services provided by Anzu Cleaning Services and the areas covered. The logo reflects professionalism and cleanliness, and GMB marketing was tailored to target the local audience.


Decode Designs transformed our online presence. The website and logo perfectly represent our cleaning services. The GMB marketing strategies have increased our visibility locally,

John Anzuluni