JB Contract Harvesting

Carrathool, NSW, Australia

Decode Designs collaborated with JB Contract Harvesting to enhance their online presence and brand identity through a comprehensive project involving website design, GMB (Google My Business) marketing, and logo design.

Introduction to the Business

Founded in 2020, JB Contract Harvesting is a visionary agricultural services provider specializing in crop harvesting with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their operations center around the use of powerful combined harvesters, showcasing efficiency and precision.

Services Rendered :
Decode Designs delivered a visually engaging website, implemented a strategic Google My Business marketing campaign, and crafted a distinctive logo for JB Contract Harvesting, augmenting their digital footprint and brand recognition.
Strategic Approach :

Decode Designs strategically revitalized JB Contract Harvesting’s online presence, focusing on an informative website, an optimized GMB profile for local visibility, and a unique logo reflecting their commitment to innovation in agricultural services.

Encountered Challenges :

Conveying the technological sophistication and commitment to excellence in crop harvesting presented a challenge in creating a cohesive online representation.

Implemented Solutions :

Decode Designs addressed this challenge by creating a website that effectively communicates JB Contract Harvesting’s technological prowess. The distinct logo and GMB marketing strategy emphasize their commitment to revolutionizing the harvesting process.


Decode Designs captured the essence of our vision. The new website, logo, and GMB marketing have significantly enhanced our online presence, showcasing our commitment to excellence in agricultural services,