Seal It Waterproofing and Tiling

Auburn, NSW, Australia

Decode Designs partnered with Seal It Waterproofing and Tiling to enhance their online presence and brand image through a comprehensive project involving basic website redesign, logo design, SEO, and SMO.

Introduction to the Business

Seal It Waterproofing is more than a waterproofing and tiling company; they are dedicated partners in enhancing the beauty, durability, and value of properties in Sydney. Based in Auburn, NSW, they offer a range of services including bathroom renovation, balcony restoration, swimming pool refurbishment, and more.

Services Rendered :
  • Website Redesign: Executed a modern website redesign for Seal It Waterproofing, enhancing its digital presence and user experience.
  • Logo Design: Crafted a visually striking logo for Seal It Waterproofing, capturing the essence of their brand identity and services.
  • SEO and SMO Strategies: Implemented strategic SEO and SMO strategies for Seal It Waterproofing to boost online visibility and maximize their reach in the market.
Strategic Approach :

Decode Designs strategically revamped Seal It Waterproofing’s online presence, focusing on a user-friendly website, a distinctive logo that represents their commitment, and implementing SEO and SMO strategies tailored to the waterproofing and tiling industry.

Encountered Challenges :

Navigating the unique challenges of showcasing a diverse range of services while maintaining a cohesive brand identity presented an initial challenge.

Implemented Solutions :

Decode Designs addressed the challenge by creating a well-structured website that effectively highlights the breadth of services. The distinctive logo design and targeted SEO/SMO strategies ensured Seal It Waterproofing’s visibility and credibility in the competitive market.


Decode Designs brought our vision to life. Their creativity and strategic approach transformed our online presence. We’re proud to partner with them

Yuksel Genc