9 Digital Marketing Trends That Can Be Expected In The Year 2022 And In The Coming Years

As we all know the Digital Marketing Company’s techniques, tools and tactics have evolved greatly in the past few years. Recently, we saw the evolution of Web 2.0, and then we saw the change in the importance of Social Media profiles and their impact on marketing and audience reach.

Now, the Internet and the marketing techniques are evolving at a much greater pace than ever before, now it is time for Web 3.0, where we will some major changes in the internet and digital marketing world. We could possibly see the integration of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs with major programs, some of the major brands like Coca-Cola, Meta-verse, and Campbell have already introduced NFT collectibles last year, while Facebook also introduced the Avatars, a version of the NFTs.

Apart from that everybody knows about the growth in the Digital Marketing industry, it is expected to have a global market of $800 billion U.S. by the year 2025. We studied the former trends and strategies that evolved with time in the past years. We have tried to summarize some digital marketing company trends for the year 2022 and we have listed them below:

Trend 1: Shorts/ Reels/ Short Duration Videos

Short Duration Videos

While, we can already notice the shift of the audience from the traditional platforms to the dynamic platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram reels, there is a need for Digital marketing companies to shift their traditional marketing techniques to these dynamic and modern methods of Advertising. Digital Marketing services in India have been using these platforms to boost and promote their and their customer’s profile.

Trend 2: Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing

In the modern period of Trends, it is a must that you determine the specialties and uniqueness in your business; this will help you in doing better marketing for your product and services. Suppose, if you sell juices and they are completely farm-based and organic, then you shall market it as Organic and farm-based Juice not just as juices. This will shrink the niche and target customers who are exactly looking for your product. Further, it reduces the additional cost on unwanted audiences and becomes more effective at the same time.

Trend 3: Direct Association Of Brand With Consumers

Before the Internet came, the companies advertised their product through newspapers, Television, and Hoardings. As the world and technology are advancing, the need for a medium between companies and their consumers is getting shortened.

It can be assumed that the middle persons will be eliminated by the Brands. A company that works with a Digital marketing service in Australia collects and stores consumer-related data to have leads for the future.

However, it’s impossible to do that in a short span of time, but we can definitely see some changes in the statistics.

Trend 4: Discounts, An Old-Age Technique

Well, there was a time when discounts were a great hooking technique for many Brands and Companies, recent studies show that there has been a significant drop in the success of these Discount techniques. Recent studies show that ‘Free Delivery, Personalised services or products, and In-store experiences have been catching the trend and bringing better results than Discounts and Offers.

Trend 5: Struggle For Analytics Data

Analytics Data

As we can already notice the importance of data for marketing by a digital marketing service in Australia, they are used for evaluating your business, your competitors, their techniques, their keywords, and trends, everything, giving you the opportunity to make your business or Blog better. In the future, both the struggle and the cost for these data will increase heavily in the coming future.

Trend 6: Direct Mails – Direct Gateways

Direct Mails

Research data suggests that more than 90% of our efforts are getting wasted on Digital platforms because of the Digital white noise. Our messages, posts, ads, and offers mostly go undiscovered because of the tremendous efforts by other people in the very same manner.

A recent study shows that nearly 90% of people read direct mail and 71% of them share it. So, direct mails are a better method as they offer a better breakthrough, is unexpected, authentic, and a feeling of nostalgia.

Trend 7: Digital Writing Skills And Content

While there have been many changes in recent times in the Digital marketing Company’s techniques and trends, digital story writing still matters the most and separates the Amateur from the professional ones.

It can be clearly seen that a lot of companies still struggle to secure their place in the Digital space because of their incapabilities in Writing and Storytelling. Digital marketing Companies having better writers and content will definitely Ace the race. This is the reason there is a huge demand for experienced Content writers in Digital marketing services in India.

Trend 8: Loyalty Programs Shifting Into Memberships

Loyalty Memberships

As you might have noticed recently, there has been a significant increase in Membership plans and subscriptions in recent years. Loyalty programs are an old school thing nowadays, Human beings crave benefits and gifts, but they don’t want to stick around and wait for it, Membership plans offer you instant and amazing benefits at mere costs which looks more appealing and genuine than loyalty programs, that’s why they are a hit in the year 2022.

Trend 9: Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Interestingly, Digital marketing services in Australia are focused more on mobile users than that Desktop users. The reason for this is the shift of the internet browsing audience from Desktops to Mobile.

Recent studies show that nearly 70% of the audience browses the internet through mobile while there are about 30% Desktop users and 2-3% Tablet users globally. This data is enough to understand why there has been a shift towards targeting Mobile users.

So, by now you must have understood the shift and changes in the Digital marketing industry and the need to improvise and evolve with the changing time. We at Decode Designs, try to understand each and every detail of the changes in the Digital space, Social media trends, and Search Engine Algorithms so that we are always updated and try to provide the best to our clients across the Globe.

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