6 Social Media Trends In Australia That Will Be A Huge Success In 2022

Talking about the Social media Trends and Social Media Experts in Australia, Social Networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have been there in the market for more than a decade now. We have witnessed the change in the Perspective, Approach, and Usability of these platforms by people and any Social Media Marketing Company. While there were some thousands of people on these platforms just a decade ago, now the numbers have grown to 3.7 Billion active users globally in the year 2021.

As there was a huge shift in people’s interests and spending of time, more and more Social Media Experts have been making changes to their marketing strategies day by day, and there has been a complete shift of focus to the Digital space.

Talking about Today’s topic, Social Media Trends have been evolving every day but we are here to mark the broader Trends, not the short-term ones. We are going to discuss the trends that are going to be the base of Social Media in the upcoming time. If you really want to stay ahead in the Digital game, then you must be updated and good with these Social Media Trends in 2022 and the coming period or it will be a really tough market for you.

List Of The Social Media Trends That Can Be Expected In 2022

Trend 1: TikTok/ Shorts/ Snapchat/ Reels – The Real Trend

The Real Trend

We have seen the huge surge in popularity of the TikTok or Short videos along with the recent boom in Reels by Instagram as well. There has been a surge of more than 300% in the Enrolments and an increase of 80% in the total time spent by the People.
More and more users are getting engaged in these platforms every day. What’s really astonishing is not the number of individuals getting registered on these platforms but the amount of time spent on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

So, if you are not learning the algorithm and not working enough on the strategies then you might just be left out in the long run of Digital tussle.

Trend 2: Micro-Influencers Will Gain The Importance And Value

Influencer Marketing

Small or Micro-Influencers will gain more importance and value in the upcoming period of Social Media Marketing (SMO) in Australia in 2022. Even though it might be an old technique but it can still be put to use in the year 2022. If you are unaware of Micro-Influencers, then these were Creators with an average number of followers or subscribers. Small Companies or other creators used them for promoting their content or products.

Now, their significance has decreased over time due to the increase in the importance of paid campaigns and hardcore Digital Marketing. But the scope for the micro-influencers hasn’t been over yet. In the coming months, the Brands will recognize the importance and involvement of these influencers and their utilization in reaching and acquiring new audiences.

Trend 3: Social Advertising Or Marketing Will Be More Sophisticated

Social Advertising Or Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Experts in Australia have been estimating that Social Media is going to be more complicated and sophisticated in the coming years. The reason why we need to evolve as a Social Media Marketing Company is because Google is planning to disable the Cookie tracking feature in the year 2023.

As there will be no Cookies, you cannot use your advertising playbook. In order to develop a good SMM strategy, you need to build up Data-Driven strategies that are based on users’ interests and preferences towards individual businesses.

Trend 4: There Will Be A Significant Boom In Audio Chat Rooms

Audio Chat Rooms

We all know the convenience and the surge in the use of Audio and Video services by WhatsApp, Facebook, and other Social Networking sites during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Recently Twitter has also launched a dedicated feature based on the concept of audio chat rooms named “Twitter Spaces” to facilitate and support live discussions.

We have recently understood the benefits and the relationships that we develop through these real-time meetings over the internet and the role that it can play in the future in the field of Digital and Social Marketing. It is estimated that the Audio Chat Rooms will be a hit as there is a need for snackable, knowledge giving, and engaging as well.

Trend 5: Gaining New Audience – Primary Goal Of Marketing

Gaining New Audience

As per studies, there has been a shift in goals for the Digital marketers in Australia in the year 2022 by more than 70% of them. The primary marketing goals will be shifted more toward the interests of the Audience and Consumers rather than that promoting self-supplied products and services.

As per the Social Media Experts, the goals of the marketers will be the ones those are stated below:

  • Reach new Audiences and increase Brand Awareness.
  • Improve Customer Service and Relations to increase the retention percentage.
  • Increase the loyalty by offering Loyalty Programs and fostering relationships with the existing customers as well as the new ones.

Trend 6: Social Commerce Will Be More Streamlined And Organized

Social Commerce

We all have been familiar with shopping on eBay and Amazon, but have any one of you noticed or come across shopping on the Social Networking sites. Your first impression might be that the marketplace is clumsy, unorganized, and not trustworthy. However, the marketplace on Networking sites or Social Commerce is not going to be still the same in the future.

The marketplace on these sites will become more organized as it would involve the sellers to be verified and rated in the future. Apart from that, the listings on these platforms will be curated as per industry standards and there would be a decrease in Spam and Fake listings.

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